With more and more leaked screen-shoots and news surrounding Windows Phone 8.1, excitement is growing amongst Windows Phone enthusiasts.

A well-known Windows Phone leaker known as @qxerro has been feeding information out about what new features to expect with Windows Phone 8.1 release.

Here is some of what could be expected:

(Screen-shots included cannot be verified as authentic at this point).

Multitasking improved

The multitasking UI will feature a Close App button that can be used to manually shut down an app.


Notifications are said to be ‘Ghost Notifications’ which basically means they will not just pop up automatically until you actually open up the Notification Center where they will all be stored.

It looks as if the Notification Live Tile will display the number of messages awaiting you, which sounds like a clearer and cleaner and more private way to have your notifications displayed. Users will also be able to view and respond to messages without having to actually opening up applications such as Facebook.



A much requested feature that has been answered, is to have the ability to have a week view in the built-in calendar app as currently users can only view daily and monthly views.

monthly views

Left Swipe

Now users can swipe left to unveil a new screen and right for the App list. This new screen gives options to set personal options and settings or create shortcuts.


There has been a lot of news and excitement recently surrounding Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana, which is rumoured to launch as an integrated component of Windows Phone 8.1.

Like Apple’s Siri, Cortana is a voice activated personal assistant which will allow users to interact with their device using voice commands. Although basic voice commands are already available on Windows Phone, Cortana will take this a step further with a system that can learn and adapt.

Cortana will also include an app that will work in a similar fashion as Google Now, bringing to users queries and information it predicts will be useful.

Cortana is said to be available in the United States first, sometime in early 2014 along with Windows Phone 8.1 launch.

8.1 launch

Fans seem to be loving the name Cortana which is a popular artificially intelligent character from Microsoft’s Halo series, let’s just hope they love Cortana’s voice capabilities as much as they love the character.

Spec Improvements

It is reported that Windows Phone 8.1 will be improving its spec to support full HD 1080p displays as well as quad-core mobile processors; this is a great move to bring it in line with smartphones that already have this capability.

Lock Screen

This mock-up image/screenshot recently released by @qxerro on Twitter, shows that when the lock screen is enabled the clock, alarm and battery life are still visible which is a handy change.

We can also see what looks like Cortana, the speech assistant when the lock screen is enabled.

lock screen enabled

Judging by what has been released so far about Windows Phone 8.1 it seems as if there will be some useful and exciting changes made.

No official release date has been made as yet but late this winter or early 2014 have been speculated. 

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