Starting a blog can be a difficult task, and getting people to subscribe can be even more difficult. But what if you have an established blog and your numbers just aren’t growing, or worse yet, what if they are falling? Here are a few reasons why people may not be interested in your blog, and believe it or not I’ve seen blogs with all of these problems and they all had relatively low numbers of subscribers regardless of how great the topics may have been.

1. Writing style – Yes, your blog is your online space to be yourself, share your opinions, and be an expert on what you know. No, that does not mean that you can skip punctuation, leave out ‘extra’ letters, or abbreviate ‘you’ with ‘u’ or ‘please’ with ‘plz.’ You aren’t writing a text message or a Twitter post and you generally don’t have a limited number of characters.

2. Spelling and grammar – These are important. Regardless of your topics or posts, your followers won’t see you as a thought leader or expert in anything if you don’t take the time to spell check and edit your posts. It doesn’t take long to edit a post, and not doing it could result in a loss of followers.

3. Topics – Blog categories and keywords are there to help organize your blogs and make them easy to use, but it also shows readers what areas you’re knowledgeable in. If your list of categories is close to the number of blog posts you have, this could be a problem.  Readers want to see that you really know about a few topics – not that you know a small amount about a lot of unrelated topics. Find a way to focus your categories.

4. Language – Is the level of understanding in your blog equivalent to the amount of education your readers have? Make sure your blogs aren’t too simple or too difficult for you followers to understand. Remember, they are most likely coming to you because you know something they don’t. Make sure to use language that helps them understand, but isn’t so simple they aren’t interested.

5. Frequency – It’s good to have a schedule when you’re posting. If subscribers don’t know when to expect your next post or you have too much time between posts, people can become uninterested in your blog.  If it’s been several months between posts, then maybe you should rethink having a blog. You don’t need to post every day, or even every week if you have a smaller blog, but frequency is important.

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