Analytics. It’s a word heard again and again, yet still seems to send a bolt of fear through most marketers. Tracking analytics for your social media outlets sounds like a daunting task… and often can be. There are literally hundreds, if not more, ways to track likes, followers, tweets, topics, etc. and it can be an extremely time intensive task to try to gather all the information you need. Yes, there are Facebook insights, free services that let you schedule and track links, and other third party apps that often have a hefty price tag, but without spending the time to create the reports, download the numerous excel files, or hand over a wad of cash without knowing what you’re getting, there just isn’t one easy answer… until TwitSprout came along.

We have always found it important to track our social media analytics at eimagine in order to gauge or growth, impact, and reach, and TwitSprout has made this a lot easier for us. It has literally been the answer to our prayers. TwitSprout is “The One Page Social Dashboard” for Twitter, and displays everything you’d want to know in –surprise- just one page. Not only can you view followers, growth rate, lists, daily tweets and even an influence indicator, but you can download just one excel sheet to see all your historical data. How many followers did you have on July 1st of 2011? Well if you had TwitSprout in July, you’d know the answer!

TwitSprout recently announced that it’s launching a new platform on January 9th with many more features. They are continuing to offer a free plan that will add a dashboard for Facebook pages. (Click here to read about other features being added such as multiple accounts, comparison stats, and more.)

One place to go, one page of data to see everything you need about your account, and now the addition of Facebook pages… this is why I am highly suggesting that you use TwitSprout. So while we are anxiously awaiting the launch of the new platform, go sign up!

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