Visual Studio 2013 Preview is now available. Should you download it and try it out? If you’re a Visual Studio Power Tools extension user, you might be interested to know that several features are being directly incorporated into VS2013. Read about my favorite new features and decide for yourself if you should download it!

Windows 8.1Want to be on the cutting edge of Win8 apps? Of course, VS2013 has support for building Windows 8.1 Store apps via .NET Framework 4.5.1. It comes with an expanded wealth of tools for testing, analysis, profiling and integration directly with the Windows Store.

Mix-and-MatchTired of manual steps to build complex web apps and services? You can now mix and match templates when creating ASP.NET and Web Services apps. Before, you were isolated to each project type and had a add components after the fact. This makes it easy to create common hybrid applications.

Browser LinkStruggling with cross-browser compatibility problems? Browser Link connects VS2013 directly to the popular browsers to keep your markup looking correct without the need for trial and error and endless refreshing of windows.

ProductivityAre you a die hard fan of Power Tools? Productivity enhancements like bracket completion, more keyboard shortcuts and other features from Power Tools have been incorporated and made standard in VS2013.

Visual CodingLose track of your code all too often? It’s easier to track your code in large code files. The scrollbar has new colored indicators showing where errors, warnings and changes exist as well as your caret position. The new Peek Definition lets you take a quick look at code definition in an inline view without losing your context.

TFS 2013Sick of swapping back and forth with TFS? Better TFS integration means automatic synchronization with your TFS repositories, as well as inline history for code changes and unit test information directly incorporated in code. Deeper incorporation of ALM features mean easier workload management and development in an agile environment.

Planning to download VS2013? Already downloaded it? Tell me about your experience!

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