Microsoft Project 2013 contains several new features that include a new reporting engine, better collaboration and sharing, and additional ways to customize your projects. Here is an extensive list of many of the new features and configuration settings that Project 2013 has to offer.


  • New Reporting Engine
  • New Reports Ribbon
    Reports Ribbon
  • New Dashboards – Better reporting capabilities


  • New Apps section on the Project Ribbon
  • Search the Microsoft Store and download Apps to extend Microsoft Project
    Search For Apps


  • Located in the backstage menu
  • Replaced Save and Send (as seen in Project 2010)

Save As

  • Save to Office 365 SharePoint – increased collaboration with team members
  • Save to OneDrive – allows you to access your project from any computer

Key Tips

  • Click the ALT key on your keyboard to access shortcuts on any tab or screen


  • 100 years were added to the calendar
  • The calendar now can be scheduled through 12/31/2149
  • Uses the Current Date Field to calculate dates for the first and last days of current months/weeks

Task Filters

  • 11 new task filters

Project Options

  • Save – Don’t show backstage when opening or saving files (checkbox)
  • Save – Show additional places for saving even if sign in is required (checkbox)
  • Save – Save to computer by default (checkbox)
    Options -> Save
  • Save – Default personal templates location (file path)
    Options -> Save -> Templates
  • Language – Let me know when I should download additional proofing tools (checkbox)
    Options -> Language
  • Advanced – Show this number of recent projects
  • Advanced – Quickly access this number of unpinned projects
  • Advanced – Show this number of unpinned Recent folders
  • Advanced – Disable hardware graphics acceleration (checkbox)
    Options -> Advanced -> Display
  • Advanced – Display Project Summary Task for all new projects (checkbox/dropdown)
    Options -> Advanced -> Project Display


  • Task names are set to autowrap, if they are wider than the column width
  • Resource names are set to autowrap, if they are wider than the column width

Horizontal Gridlines

  • When selecting task in the table view, horizontal gridlines display to help visually see which Gantt bar corresponds to the selected task
    horizontal gridlines

Task Path

  • New option under the Format tab
  • Allows visual display of the Predecessors, Driving Predecessors, Successors, and Driven Successors
    Task Path

Lync Integration

  • Allows for additional team collaboration
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