Now don’t get me wrong… There is nothing wrong with taking vacations. We all get allotted time off work, and we should definitely use it. Vacations should be a nice break from the daily grind, and even the best of us can use that once and a while. I recently read “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss where he stresses the importance of getting away, disconnecting entirely (to a ridiculous extent–read that title again: He is advocating 4 hours of work per week!). He says smartphones and internet access are complicating our lives and making us stressed out and unhappy.

That’s not for me. Imagine this: You go on vacation, fully disconnect for 10 days. You surf at the beach, sleep in, drink during the AM hours, and just lay back and love life. It’s great, and all your stress melts away. That is, until you fly back home and have 3,417 emails in your inbox. Your staff or your backups didn’t do all their work while you were gone. Important clients are desperate to talk to you IMMEDIATELY. Just like a fad diet, the good effects of your vacation wore off as soon as you quit it. All your stress came right back. And it brought friends. So, please tell me, what good was that vacation?

Sure, I go on vacation. But I bring my laptop or tablet, my smartphone. I might not read every email as it comes in, but you better believe I find time to within a day or two. I respond and work the minimum to make sure things don’t come to a standstill or a critical breaking point while I am gone. To me, vacation is my 4-hour work week. Four hours of work isn’t going to kill my vacation. In fact, it is going to save it because I don’t have surprise stresses waiting for me when I get back. Now that’s a vacation!

Yes, I just wrote this blog entry on vacation :)

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