Thinking about redesigning your website? We did! What a great way to celebrate eimagine’s 13th anniversary, with a fresh redesign of the company’s website. Great thought and planning went into the redesign of our site. Our marketing team decided that the big, bright, orange buttons had to go; we wanted the new design to have a clean, fresh look all while improving usability for both our visitors to find what they are looking for and our marketing team to efficiently make updates to the content of the site.

Screencap of Old Think ETG Website

When planning for the new website, we wanted to make it obvious as to what we do for our clients, what type of clients we serve, and who we are as a company. This required a reorganization of the website navigation, in which we also took careful consideration as to how to preserve the old links so that visitors with links to the old navigation structure would be redirected to the new pages. We tried to make this transition as seamless as possible. We also required Social Media to be a larger part of our website. We put social media icons in the header so that they are readily available. We hope this will get our visitors more involved by subscribing to the blog feed or following us on the social media networks that we are highly involved in, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Linked-In.

In addition to our new design we also created an online job application, so that job candidates can submit their application electronically as well as attach their resume and cover letter. Having an excellent knowledge-base in Microsoft CRM allowed us to integrate this new online job application so that info is inserted and maintained in our internal CRM application. Since we are constantly hiring, we needed a faster, more efficient way for people to apply for jobs. This will also help our HR department out, which will save them time with data entry and allow them to focus on what matters most, helping you find a job with the right fit at eimagine.

Another feature that was important to the new website design was compatibility. The layout of the new website design was created using CSS and is compatible in multiple browsers. We wanted a visitor who is using IE to have the same experience as a visitor who is using Firefox or Chrome, etc. This design should also allow for quick changes to the layout if necessary.

Although there was a time-crunch to get the new website launched on our October 17th anniversary date, we were able to pull enough resources and dedication together to launch the new website on time. Along with the website changes, we have also redesigned our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages to match the new style of our company website.

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