There was no testing before deployment

…because why in the world would the code not be flawless?

The program flow is impossible to follow

…because everything runs though 25 different code files to process.


No else can work on the code

…because it uses an alpha-release of a new framework no one has heard of.


The code is hard to read

…because it looks obfuscated, but nope–that’s just how it was written.


Constant maintenance is a must

…because even the simplest code change causes ongoing complex and seemingly unrelated issues.


The code has 1,000 warnings

…because of the browser hacks to ensure 100% Linux compatibility.


Runtime errors remain unfixed

…because investigation is not warranted due to the only possible cause: “user error.”


If you’re experiencing similar problems but for different reasons, you might need to read 7 Ways to Tell an Amateur Programmer.

How do you tell you’re dealing with an arrogant programmer? Let me know in the comments.


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