There was no testing before deployment

…because since it compiled OK, it obviously must work, right?

The program flow is impossible to follow

…because there’s extensive use of GOTOs and LABELs.


No else can work on the code

…because it only exists on a local machine, not in source control.


The code is hard to read

…because it has variables like “a”, “b”, “x” or “StrPersonsFirstNameTextFieldFromApplication”.


Constant maintenance is a must

…because everything is hard coded.


The code has 1,000 warnings

…because the pasted-in code from Google hasn’t been modified at all.


Runtime errors remain unfixed

…because there are never any ELSE conditions available.


If you’re experiencing similar problems but for different reasons, you might need to read 7 Ways to Tell an Arrogant Programmer.

How do you tell you’re dealing with an amateur programmer? Let me know in the comments.


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