The Problem: 

Multiple end users in your organization report a problem with logging into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 from within Internet Explorer.

It does appear to work in other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  The organization’s default browser is Internet Explorer, and so you want to ensure that this browser will also work with CRM.

The Fix:

You log into your organization’s server and launch Internet Explorer.  You receive the same error.  When you open the URL up in a new InPrivate Browsing session, you do not get that error.

Blog #4 Screenshot 2

This fact leads you to try adding the site as a trusted site in Internet Options – Security – Trusted Sites.   And, you also checkmark “Enable Protected Mode” for the https CRM site.

Blog #4 Screnshot 3

Doing this allows you to access CRM from within the server.  Other users are able to use this approach as well to login.  However, users would like to be able to login without using this method if at all possible.

After some additional research, you opt to modify a Group Policy Object within your Active Directory infrastructure that was set to automatically add the CRM 2011  site as trusted for Internet Explorer, so that it no longer marks the site as trusted for everyone.

After making this adjustment to your GPO, you test with your users and determine that they can now login to CRM without needing to manually add it as a trusted site for each instance of Internet Explorer.


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