RSS (also called Really Simply Syndication) is a technology used to automatically publish content that is changed frequently so users don’t have to constantly check data sources for updates. It’s typically used with blogs, news and other media sources.

You might not be aware, but a nice feature of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and above is a built-in ability to display Lists and Libraries as RSS feeds. This means users can consume and subscribe to feeds of updates to content they’re interested in on their company or other SharePoint sites.

Usually, you can find an RSS button on the SharePoint ribbon or toolbar that allows you to find the URL for a feed. Sometimes this is hidden by a theme or disabled by permissions. Did you know you can easily get a feed even if the RSS button isn’t available or accessible? Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings for the List, Library or other content. The URL will look something like this:
  2. Change the text that reads “listedit” to “listfeed” instead. The URL will look something like this:
  3. That’s the URL for your RSS feed! You can use it like any other RSS feed.

What ideas do you have about making creative use of SharePoint content RSS feeds? Let’s talk about it in the comments.


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