While there are literally millions of apps to choose from in the business world today, some are better than others. Following is an overview of the top five apps on the market for businessmen and businesswomen. While these apps are made for varying devices, the one thing they have in common is that they enable a businessperson to be more efficient and effective than ever.

Dropbox Mailbox
Dropbox’s Mailbox app makes it easy for a busy executive, company manager or entrepreneur to sort through emails and only answer the timeliest messages. This user-friendly app also provides fun incentives that make it easy to delete unnecessary emails from the inbox.

Given the fact that LinkedIn is the top business social site on the web, it is not surprising that businesspeople would want to access this site at any time of the day. The LinkedIn app makes it easy for people on the run to keep in touch with business partners, choose new employees, engage in business discussions and more.

HipChat is ideal for company owners who need to stay in touch with busy managers and employees at all times. The app is similar to an internal version of Gmail Chat, does not cost much to download and is easy to use. Like LinkedIn, HipChat enables individuals to stay in touch and collaborate on different projects, thus improving project completion speed and efficiency. This app also makes it easy for bosses to supervise employees without being physically present at the office.

Office Mobile
Office Mobile is a must-have app for anyone who uses Microsoft Office on a regular basis. The app is similar to the desktop version of Microsoft Office and makes it easy for anyone to create, edit and share documents via email or the cloud. This particular app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows smart phones and there are various program versions and price points available to choose from.

Square Register
Square Register makes it possible for a business person to make sales anytime, anywhere. This app allows a person to accept credit cards using a free card reader and free point-of-sale tools. The program takes either 2.75 % of the total price or you can purchase a per-transaction package, where each transaction is 3.5 % + 15 cents. No other fees exist for this service. Transactions take about one or two business days to complete and the program is fully secure.

Smart phones have now made it possible to be even more efficient than ever to do business as usual. A business person can now talk to employees, clients or business partners, share files, find important market information, process payments and more, without needing to be physically present at the company office or store. Using these five top-notch business apps will save a busy businessman or woman a lot of time and help make a company more productive and efficient. While most of these apps cost some money to download, they are well worth their asking price.

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