(#11 would be this title, inspired by Vince Robisch)

10. Appreciate free wifi when you have it. I will admit it was interesting to see the Blog Indiana demographic struggling to stay connected to the internet.

9. Names aren’t important as long as you know someone’s twitter handle.  The first thing I heard walking in the doors on day 1 was the following:
Guy 1: “Hi, I’m *name*”
Guy 2: “Oh it’s great to finally meet you, I follow you on Twitter!”

8. Bring extra pens and paper or a power cord to prepare for intense note taking.  (This also relates to not being dependent on free hotel pens).

7. Always, always, always be prepared… by having a sweater.  Don’t underestimate the power of air conditioning!

6. QR codes really can be used for everything.  It was nice to have a quick, efficient way of being able to give feedback for speakers, view the schedule, etc. and I’ve already seen some suggestions on how to increase QR code use for next year… if that’s possible.

5. Take caution in what you say; it will most likely end up on Twitter before you have a chance to explain that you were kidding.

4. Don’t worry if a speaker forgets to post their presentation online. They will most likely be reminded via Twitter – by everyone.

3. If you want to increase your chances of keeping audience attention, you should bring a dog (preferably a well-known or famous one, *insert shout out to Butler Blue here*).

2. Having a sense of humor is important; having wit is an added bonus. As you can tell by this list, the ability to laugh at yourself, sense sarcasm, and make a joke is extremely helpful in the world of social media.

1. Attending Blog Indiana 2012 is a must!

Keep a lookout for my next post on helpful tips and ideas I learned from Blog Indiana 2011.

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