Many times it can be difficult to get a variety of content for your company blog. Having multiple writers is one way to spread the workload and keep content exciting. Here are a few tips that are sure to help you manage your company blog. Whether you have a blog with 2 writers or 100, these are sure ways to get others on board.

1. Ask. Think no one’s interested in helping you blog or write content that can be turned into a blog? Did you ask them? Just asking someone to write a blog post can show that you think their knowledge is valuable and is worth sharing with all your followers.  If they are nervous about having time to write or having their content posted on the web, allow them to post anonymously or talk through a topic with you so you can write the blog for them.

Schedule2. Schedule. One of the most difficult things about managing a blog is that having multiple writers or sources can make it seem like you have too many posts one week and two few the next. Set up a schedule based on topics or sources so everyone knows when you need their posts. If they complete them early or give you extra, simply save them for a week you need an extra post.

Remind3. Remind. It’s common when people get busy to put off writing a blog post. If it’s not part of their normal schedule they may need a reminder.  By setting reminders or calendar events people will remember to write a post.  Letting them know that blogs can be short and concise may make them feel less pressured for time.  Some of the best posts are short lists of things people should know or do.

Simplify4. Simplify. Help contributors by being flexible with the schedule. If you know they will be busy for a few weeks switch their blog schedule with someone else or reduce the number of blogs they are scheduled to write.  Making it easier for contributors will make them happier to keep contributing!

Thank5. Thank. Make sure that you are thanking people for helping with the blog. Don’t just keep tasking them with blog posts without them knowing how much they are helping. Give them credit if their blog leads to a sales opportunity or gets a lot of views. Seeing first hand that their posts are beneficial to the company may encourage them to contribute more.

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