When potential partners and clients come to the table to talk mobile they are often full of angst and questions. The thought of launching a mobile project feels like a new and different thing compared to experiences they have had before. Like any other software development project, however, there are key practices and questions to ask in an effort to ensure a positive partnership and successful delivery without the need for keeping yourself “up at night” with worry.

What is the goal?

There are significant design and development decisions that swirl around the desired impact the app should have on users. Having a clear idea of the functional and market impact you envision for your app is the only way to get that translated successfully to real development- even if your vision of an app is still a bit foggy.  Experienced app developers can and should whiteboard and run scenarios with you until that vision is crystal clear.

Who will use it?

You may be most familiar with the idea of pulling down an app off a platform-specific app store like Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store, but did you know not all apps are distributed that way? Every smartphone platform now allows the distribution of private apps- mobile apps that cater to a private group of people and don’t make sense to promote in a public forum like the app stores. Sometimes this decision is made for security reasons even in an effort to reduce the distribution of the app to only those that have been granted access. Perhaps this is the route for you, perhaps not.

How do we make sure we stay on the same page?

You’ve got the vision and an idea of the end users, but unless the partnership can deliver on that vision the project can’t end in success. At eimagine, we utilize several design cycles and the development of user stories to ensure successful transfer of the vision to actual development. We don’t stop there, though. It’s important that with every new feature being delivered we come back to the table and review it to ensure we are not varying from the vision and that the vision itself has not changed.

Okay, so now what?

Knowing what the expectations should be for you and for your development team can help allay fears and give you a great runway to a successful mobile development project. Keep these in mind and you will have great talking points to jump-start your project or even determine if it’s what you want to do. eimagine is always here to help even if you aren’t planning to be an eimagine customer – we really want to make sure your project is successful and your foray into the mobile world is an excellent experience. Want to chat? You can email me or find me on twitter!

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