The amount of SharePoint sites created can quickly add up and managing these sites can be a constant task. In some cases, these sites are only needed live for a short amount of time. Yet, they can easily be forgotten about and left sitting dormant, taking up valuable space.

Site Policy for SharePoint Server gives you control over closing a site, re-opening a site or extending deletion dates. Having this control over your sites and site mailboxes will help to free up unused space. In addition, having the option to automatically delete a site at a set period will help keep your projects organized without having to set reminders.

Some additional functions of Site Policy:

  • Site Closure:Although the site is closed, admins and users can still use the site and its content. This can be done even if its not active. Site collection administrators can manually close and reopen sites.
  • Site Deletion: Permanently delete sites; be aware all sub-sites and content will also be deleted.
  • Postponement: Site owners will be able to manually postpone site deletion for a period of time.
  • E-mail Notification:– E-mails are delivered to site owners, informing them about a pending site deletion. The email alert is sent out according to the scheduled time in the Site Policy. You will receive an email similar to the one below:


  • Read-Only Mode: The site collection administrator can control when the site should be accessible in read-only mode upon closure.
  • Updates:It is important to be aware that any changes or updates made to Sites will also be made to the associated Site Mailboxes.
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