I think, as developers, we’ve all experienced projects with too much project management. There’s nothing worse than being micro-managed by multiple, non-technical bosses that make the documentation and paperwork suck up all your time. Whether it’s having six direct bosses, or a ridiculous hierarchy of supervisors, getting caught up in the politics gets unavoidable. Come on people, us software developers just wanna work!

But I’ve seen the flip side too. Being held accountable for successful project execution, I’ve seen projects start to really go off the rails if they don’t have a project manager engaged. Developers aren’t typically thinking about budgets and time, or planning out careful milestone delivery. It’s easy for a company to get upside down on a project when those things aren’t monitored.

So what’s the right balance? It can be tough to not only have the right amount of PM involvement. How many meetings is enough? How many is too many? Unfortunately, I’ve found it is all variable depending on the developers, project, and size of the team. Using an agile methodology, like eimagine practices on most projects, can certainly help buffer major projects and eliminate missed milestones for clients. However, it seems to always be a living, breathing creature that is evolving with every new project and task. Stay adaptable!

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