Another exciting season for the eimagine Olympic Games has completed.  It was close battle for first place this year with a near tie between top two players coming into the final event.  This year we congratulate Wally Cabigas as our 2010 eimagine Olympics champion.

First held in 2004, the eimagine Olympics provide fun and competitive challenges for employees to participate.  Additionally, it allows employees from satellite offices and that may not meet regularly, to mingle.  Competitions are always friendly and there are plenty with the desire to be the eimagine Olympics champion.

Each season consists of five games.  Games can vary from year to year, but often include games like bowling, billiards, and Texas hold’em poker.  The key is to win as many events as possible and to keep in the top running.  It often comes down to the final event before a champion can be determined.

A celebration is held in honor of the victor.  There, he or she receives a gift card.  They also receive a traveling trophy to present on their desk over the next year.  Their name is also immortalized via the eimagine Olympics Hall of Fame plaque.  Wally will be the first eimagine Olympian to win the trophy a second time.

As coordinator for game events, my task is to ensure the games are fair and run as smooth as possible.  With the growth of eimagine over the years, it makes for interesting challenges.  Proper planning and structure can make a significant impact.  It is always a pleasure to see an event run well and see everyone having a good time.

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