I was surprised to see that some developers are still unaware of the merge feature that is built in to TFS. I’ve seen developers manually check-out and edit items instead of using the merge feature. Here are the steps on how to do a merge in TFS. Some items are blurred out to not disclose any sensitive information.

1. From the source control explorer, navigate to the branched project and right click the folder on where the changes are located. Select “Branching and Merging” -> “Merge”.


2. Verify source and target branches are correct. Make sure to choose “Selected changesets”.


3. Select the changeset(s) that you wish to merge.


4. Click finish on the next dialog. A couple of steps are needed after you click finish as stated on the dialog.


5. Open team explorer and navigate to pending changes. Verify that the checked out files are correct and labeled as “[merge, edit]”. Enter your comments and check in your changes.


You are done!

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