Here are some ways eimagine does our part to be Green:

  1. Providing a recycling can for employees to recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, steel food cans, etc.
  2. Collecting aluminum can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House
  3. Recycling packaging and shipping boxes
  4. Mailing in used printer ink cartridges to be recycled
  5. Shredding/Recycling used printer paper
  6. Turning off lights and computers when leaving the office at the end of the day
  7. Making multiple cups of coffee per K-cup (if only the K-cups themselves could be recycled…)
  8. Riding our bikes to work (ok so only one or two of us do this, but it’s a start)
  9. Carpooling to the office, when going to offsite meetings, or going to lunch when possible
  10. Drinking out of reusable water bottles for water and ceramic coffee mugs for coffee/tea

If you want to start a recycling effort at your company, read my blog post for tips: Is Your Company Being Green?

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