We at eimagine believe that being truly present in our communities and every employee making a genuine personal impact creates integrity, accountability, and character that extends from the individual, through our business, and to our clients.

In keeping with this tradition of community responsibility, I recently participated in the 2010 Indianapolis Polar Plunge. For those of you not familiar with Polar Plunge, it is an event hosted to benefit the Special Olympics. Those who sign up and raise the required amount get to go for a refreshing but icy swim.

The event took place at Eagle Creek Reservoir where the Pike Township Fire Department cut through 2 to 3 inches of ice to create a swimming hole for the day’s activities. The first order of business for the plungers was the Hair Gellin’ because you have to look good when you’re making a fool of yourself. Then came the costume contest which was a blast. This year’s costume contest saw a variety of loonies including but not limited to, Smurfs (including local radio celebrity Scotty Davis), Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc., the Peanuts, and the cast of Jersey Shore.

After the costume contest it was time to do what we had all come there to do – go for a swim. We lined up on the ice shelf and took turns jumping into the water, and while it was cold, it wasn’t nearly as bad as you might expect. Plungers have two options – to get in and out of the water quickly or go for a lap and high five the fire fighters at the edges of the ice. After you exit the water it’s a mad dash back to the locker rooms to get dry and enjoy the propane heaters.

Polar Plunge is an awesome and crazy event that benefits a really great cause. However, there are a few things I wish I had known before participating that I’ll definitely keep in mind for next year:

  • If you plan on eating breakfast at the plunge make sure you get there plenty early – the doughnuts freeze and coffee disappears quickly.
  • You already look ridiculous swimming in February. You might as well give 110% and join the costume contest.
  • Plunging barefoot is ill-advised…everything is very slick, so wear proper foot wear.
  • Make sure you bring extra foot wear; cold, wet shoes make for an uncomfortable ride home.

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