SwiftKey for Android is dubbed the mind-reading keyboard with its ability to predict users next-word with pretty amazing accuracy. 

SwiftKey is the answer for all those Android users who scream out with frustration when touch-typing. SwiftKey makes it easier and faster to touch-type by replacing your on-screen keyboard to give you the power to completely customize your keyboard to suit your individual needs.

This app has many features including the Swift Flow which enables you to write whole phrases without lifting a finger and also includes an autocorrect function in 60 different languages.

The more you use SwiftKey the better it gets, as it familiarizes itself with your style and way of writing, making touch-screen typing fast, smooth and easier to do.

SwiftKey has also recently introduced SwiftKey Cloud,where you can backup and sync your personal profile so your personal settings are safe and all of your devices are unified for a better prediction experience.

SwiftKey Cloud will keep all of your personal profile settings safely in the SwiftKey Cloud, which is a major plus for anyone whose device is stolen, lost or if they simply wants to move over to a new device. Using SwiftKey Cloud allows the users to reinstate all of the same settings after installing the app onto a new device, in turn, saving the user a lot of time, hassle and training of the app.

Features of SwiftKey 4.2 for Android include:

    • Personalize your Touch-Screen typing.
    • Predicts your next word before you press any key.
    • Auto correct for 60 languages.
    • Adapts to your way of writing.
    • You can train SwiftKey on your message archives from Facebook , Twitter, blogs or Gmail.
    • SwiftKey Flow allows for tapping and gesture-typing with real-time predictions.
    • Type a sentence without lifting your finger with SwiftKey Flow, gesture input a whole sentence by gliding the spacebar.
    • Enhanced prediction engine.
    • Improved setting menu.
    • Enhanced configuration options devices with Bluetooth attached or built in keyboards.
    • Full integration with Facebook and Gmail API’s.
    • Continuously updated with the latest trending phrases around the world based on the language you choose.
    • Return to previously searched terms quickly.
    • With Swift Key Cloud backup your personal writing style.
    • Personal SwiftKey profile, dictionary and texting style saved and synced across multiple devices with SwiftKey Cloud
    • Sync and backup with SwiftKey Cloud across smartphones or tablets no matter which version of the software users are running.

swift key

SwiftKey’s built-in dictionary learns words from not only your texts but can also learn from your emails and social networks. This adds style variety to your personal dictionary with familiar and professional wording included.

You can also add words manually by typing the words you want to add and selecting it in the prediction bar or press the spacebar.  If you need to delete a word, simply tap on it and hold and choose the option to ‘Remove.’

Users can also choose between typing, voice in-put or the SwiftKey Flow (gestured input) which can be enabled in the Input Method option in SwiftKey settings.

SwiftKey technology makes typing easier, faster and more enjoyable on touch-screen devices. If you would like to try it out for 1 month to see its capabilities for yourself, click here.


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