So it’s going to be another hot summer for Indiana. What’s that mean for us? No lawn mowing! Actually, it means a greater chance for a fire breaking out!  After going on a fire two weeks ago, in which a hay barn caught fire and burned to the ground by the time we arrived on scene (5 minutes after getting the call), I got to thinking about the summer heat, and how deadly it can turn.

Here are some summertime tips for you to avoid a visit to the ER, or having your friendly firefighter show up at your door.

1.      Know the fire triangle – For a fire to begin and sustain itself, it needs only 3 things.

    1. Fuel
    2. Air
    3. Heat

Each of these are needed to start and sustain a fire. The more of these things a fire has available to it, the longer it will continue and do more damage.  The one thing I stress to folks, is that fuel can be anything: wood, carpet, toys, and yes grills.

2.      Grilling out

    1. When at home, set your grill at least 10’ or more away from any structures
    2. Never grill from under an enclosed structure (closed in porches etc)  when at home
    3. Use charcoal that starts with just a match
    4. Use the grill’s lid to cover your grill
    5. Safely dispose of your coals in a non-flammable container

3.      Watch your sun in-take

    1. Wear sunscreen – your skin can boil in high temperatures and you can start to blister rapidly
    2. Drink water – don’ drink Gatorade (it can mess up your electrolytes)
    3. Take breaks in the air-conditioning often
    4. Wear light colored, non-heavy clothing

4.      Dispose of cigarettes properly – use the ash trays, or at the very least a cup water, instead of your  lawn to put out smokes.  Dry grass and smokes don’t mix well!

5.      Obey no-burn ordinances – fire departments can give you a court summons in the form of a ticket if you disobey this law.

I hope this helps you have a safe summer!

Fire Marshal Bill

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