eimagine is a hybrid company offering project based work, staff augmentation and valuable software solutions. So what sets our staff augmentation apart from pure staffing companies?

The entire eimagine team assists in recruiting. Our software engineers work on project-based solutions and contract positions with our clients, so they have built a strong network within the IT industry. Who better to sell a position at eimagine than an eimagine technology professional? The exposure each engineer receives as well as the networks they have developed allows them to understand client requirements and to embrace the eimagine culture.

Our screening process is exceptional and we take pride in sending you candidates that fit the requirements. Period. We determine candidate suitability based on the following:

  1. Resume Review
  2. eimagine HR Interview
  3. Online Technical Skills Exam
  4. Technical Interview w/Certified eimagine Software Engineer

Studies have shown that mis-hires cost companies roughly a year of base salary. This cost includes time used to train and develop, the cost of recruiting, salary and benefits, and project down-time, not to mention the frustration and disruption that comes with hiring the wrong candidates. The eimagine process typically takes more time, but the end result is finding better qualified candidates and improving our chances at finding the right hire. Our process will save you the wasted time of interviewing unqualified applicants. You will hire the right candidate the first time!

eimagine provides certification opportunities to all of our employees. The IT world is constantly changing, and eimagine keeps up with the changes. When a company hires an eimagine employee for its contract needs, that company can expect a qualified eimagine employee that is well trained and able to adapt and flourish in their environment.

Want to hear more about why we are so enthusiastic about our systems? Contact us and find out!

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