Chances are you already use a web app like Google Reader or Bloglines to subscribe to RSS feeds, but did you know that you can get the same feeds right in Outlook? While this might not be ideal for power users with hundreds of feeds, it’s great for keeping up with one or two blogs. Here’s how to set this up:

1.       Open Outlook, and look on the left side for the RSS Feeds folder
2.       Right-click on RSS Feeds and select Add a New RSS Feed
3.       In the box that opens, paste in the blog URL (e.g /feed/)
4.       Click Add, and in the following box, click Yes
5.       If all went well, the feed is now added and will automatically populate with recent and future blog posts
6.       Depending upon the type feed, the articles may be abbreviated. Our company blog is set up this way: simply look for View Article link (or something similar). Clicking that link will take you to the full article on the blog site.


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