Studying for a big exam such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification takes a lot of dedication! Here are some ways that I have found that help me to keep focused and put forth continual effort to study.

  1. Leave Your House – There are too many distractions at home to pull you away from your studying. The best way to get a few good hours of studying in is to leave all of your distractions behind and go to a place where you can really focus.
  2. Find Your Study Place – Find a place that is conducive for studying. This could be a local coffee shop, a library, or any place in which you can focus without distractions.
  3. Be Aware Of Hours Of Operation – It is important to find a place that you can study that doesn’t close early. You want to get in as much studying as possible, without feeling rushed to finish before your study place closes. Look for coffee shops that are open late!
  4. Stay Organized – If you keep organized you will have get the maximum effort out of your studying.
  5. Discover Your Learning Method – Determine what method of learning works best for you. I remember things better if I write them down and I also use flash cards. What method works best for you?
  6. Acquire Some Study Buddies – Find someone to study with. If they are studying for the same exam, you can bounce questions off of them or hold discussions on study material. However, even if they aren’t studying for the same exam, it helps to have someone that motivates you to study.
  7. Find A Time To Study – If you schedule time each week to study, you are more likely to follow through, especially if you meet up with others to study. They will hold you accountable.
  8. Give Up Something – With our busy schedules, you may have to figure out what you can cut of your schedule so that you have more time to study. Golf on Saturdays, TV shows, Movies with friends…whatever it may be, you might need to cut back or remove some activities to make more time to study.
  9. Stay Focused – Make sure to stay focused when you study. Snacks and coffee can help you stay alert. Don’t talk too much with your study buddies unless you are discussing the material.
  10. Reward Yourself – Studying is hard work. Be sure to reward your good study behavior so that you will get your studying done!
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