Many times I think candidates do not believe that we will really check their references as they interview with eimagine.  We do.  It is still a critical step in our hiring process.  Strong references can be the tipping point in getting a job offer or not.   A few tips come to mind on obtaining strong references to highlight your best qualities:

  • Call each of your references beforehand.  Nothing is more unfortunate than when references are surprised to be listed by the candidate or don’t seem to remember the applicant.
  • Prepare your references for the potential call.  Help them understand the position you’re applying for and how past work experience can tie into the new position.
  • List 3 to 5 people who can speak highly of your accomplishments, skills and job performance.  Most times these folks are going to be supervisors, coworkers or clients that you worked closely with.  Friends and family members just can’t be unbiased and should not be considered business references.
  • Be sure to get complete information from each of your references: their full name and title, company name, and contact information where they can be easily reached.
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