Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers organizations online storage. It’s a good idea to routinely check on your allowed storage.

When you register with a CRM Online organization, you will automatically receive 5GB of storage. You can purchase more storage space via the “Resource in Use” page or directly from your subscription management page, if you manage your subscription via Office 365.

Using Office 365 for CRM, you can view your allowed storage and your used storage by navigating to Settings – Administration – Resource in Use. Once you navigate there, you will see the following:


If you do not manage your CRM via Office 365, you can check your storage allowance by navigating to Settings – Administration – Subscription Management.


Microsoft keeps you up-to-date with your storage level. If you use 80% or more of your storage limit, one email notification per day will be sent out to you regarding your storage.

When your CRM Online organization is close to reaching its storage limit, System Administrators will be sent a storage notification alert informing you that you are about to reach your maximum allowed storage or have exceeded your storage limit. The two notifications are “Storage Limit Reached” and “Storage Limit Exceeded.”

Storage Limit Reached notifications – Informs you that your maximum storage limit is reached and suggests you either delete unneeded data or purchase additional storage.


Storage Limit Exceeded notifications – Informs you that you have now exceeded your storage limit and cannot add any further data to the system.


You can also check your system notification area at any point in Settings – Administration – System Notifications to view/check the statues of your storage system.

When purchasing more storage, this process is very quick, so you can continue working pretty much immediately.

Only with regards to volume licensing does purchasing extra storage take longer as there are a few steps required. The whole process can take up to a week to be completed although Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online support can assist with any urgent needs.

You can take some measures to ensure your storage isn’t reached so quickly or to reclaim some space by, for example, removing large, redundant email attachments and notes or by deleting any workflow steps that run frequently that are possible to remove.

It is important to keep an eye on your storage usage to ensure you always have the required space available when you need it.

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