The FedEx Plane Pull Challenge is a fun, wacky, giant tug-of-war between you, your friends and a 164,000-pound FedEx Boeing 757. The event raises funds and awareness for nearly 11,000 Special Olympics athletes in Indiana. Don’t miss the fun as teams of up to 22 people compete to pull a jumbo jet a distance of 12 feet across the tarmac in the least amount of time!

Thanks everyone for helping eimagine raise money, volunteer, and participate in the this year’s challenge! In no particular order, from the Community Team thanks go out to the following eimagine employees, friends, and families:

Staging and Pulling:

  • Scott C
  • Chad L and his fiancee Monica, and friend Darrell
  • Wally C
  • Ben K
  • Dennis M
  • James K and his family Irene and Madison


  • Andrew C
  • Andy H
  • Erik D


  • Joel R and his boys
  • Mark D

Raising Funds:

  • All those who donated
  • Ben K in making sure we hit our required entry amount
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