The 4 P’s of Marketing (price, place, product, and promotion) studied by anyone who’s taken an introductory marketing course, have a new team member – personality. Marketing in a time of social media and interaction is putting more emphasis on a brand’s personality.  Businesses, products, and brands are all about the people that make them up.  A brand can now have a sense of humor through a Facebook page or Twitter account. This increase in means of interaction between consumers and businesses puts more pressure on keeping branding and messaging consistent across channels.

Similarly to how different friends, family members, or coworkers have different ways of structuring emails, texts, or conversations, brands are now linked to the personalities that are behind them.  This means if you have an extensive social media or marketing department with many people all working on your messaging, you’ll need to establish a standard for messaging tone, language, and frequency.  It can be awkward to have many different people working on social media, in the same way that it’d be awkward to read an email that had each sentence written by a different person. Your posts need to flow and have a consistency about them.

One way to combat this in large organizations is by adding an identifier of who’s tweeting.  Microsoft is an example of several companies who add the caret symbol followed by the initials of the person tweeting (e.g. Here’s a tweet for today! ^PB). Even in small organizations, it’s important to have more than one person aware of the voice you’ve chosen for your brand. Working together to establish this can help bring out your company culture in your posts, and allows for anyone to take over or contribute to your messaging.

Think about your favorite brands or who you follow on Twitter and Facebook. Do they add humor to their posts? Do they thank followers, say hello to new followers, or wish you a good weekend?  Some brands do while others don’t and there’s no right or wrong, but the key to either strategy is consistency.

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