In the past, one of the quickest and easiest ways to manage your schedule and your colleagues was through using Outlook. But now that SharePoint has simplified many calendar functions, it has become the go-to solution for businesses everywhere when it comes to managing schedules and team calendars. 

SharePoint Team Calendar specifically stands out as leaps and bounds more collaborative that Outlook because it can: 

    • Interact with SharePoint Calendar Lists
    • Display multiple Microsoft Exchange Calendars
    • Display Calendars side-by-side (if you don’t prefer overlay)
    • Display events for many Exchange accounts in one calendar, with options to use color coding to differentiate calendars and types of events. 

To learn more on how to view and create a SharePoint calendar, read more here. 

All of these benefits add up to increased productivity and increased profits. If your company hasn’t gotten on board with SharePoint for the benefits of its calendars you are missing out on some excellent collaborative tools. 

Contact eimagine to learn more about how SharePoint can improve day-to-day operations and organization. 

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