Throughout 2013 we saw an increasing number of transformative IT solutions break onto the scene. Now that 2014 is here, we expect to see these solutions grasp a large portion of the available market share. These solutions have included the virtualization of networking, storage solutions, and data centers.

In order to best accommodate the latter changes, businesses have had to alter the manner with which they operate, manage content, and connect with third parties. However, industry experts warn that one of the challenges for the new IT solutions will be defining the standards for management, storing, and information sharing. Until these standards are defined, it is likely that clients will remain hesitantly optimistic about the emerging IT solutions.

One of the growing trends that seeks to better define standards for management, storing, and information sharing, is Software-Defined-Everything (SDx) technologies. SDx technologies also include:

    • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
    • Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC)
    • Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

SDx occurs when the computing infrastructure has been virtualized, and subsequently delivered as a service. Through an SDx environment, the management and control of the network, the storage (and data center infrastructure) becomes automated via an intelligent software.

It is important to note that the automated process occurs via software, rather than the hardware components of the infrastructure; this change represents a major milestone in IT advancements.

Experts predict that as part of the SDx changes, we will also see major advances in SDS. As well, experts predict that this technology will be able to run both on commodity hardware and as a ‘simple to use’ appliance with software prepackaged with the commodity hardware.

For businesses, the new SDS will allow them to gain control of operational expenses, even during periods of unconstrained data growth. 

In essence, SDS and other SDx technologies are gearing-up to compete with the market’s current public cloud providers. These new services aim to bring new and improved cloud services, complete with next-generation storage architectures.

According to PwC’s Archer, “Software-defined everything is moving beyond technology as organization(s) apply the concept to business models, including people, structure, and data. We are likely to see quite a bit of movement in the space in 2014.”

As the SDx trend continues to grow, regulations will need to put in place to ensure that company data remains protected. New protocols and standards will have to be set. None-the-less, the space is likely to grow and expand.

For businesses this means the potential for improved access to data (at potentially lowered costs) and enhanced streamlined access to pertinent information and storage spaces. As businesses continue to require access to information on-the-go and in a cloud-like environment, SDx technologies are setting themselves up to the be the ‘way of the future.’

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