Meet Ryan Bond

Senior Software Engineer

ryan_bondNow a Senior Software Engineer at eimagine, Ryan Bond had envisioned a different path for success. Ryan started college at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana intending to pursue a career with the fifth estate in journalism; however, once in college, he saw the landscape of the news changing, and he shifted with it to finish out his college career at IUPUI concentrating on computer programming, science, and math.

His intuition worked out well and Ryan is about to celebrate his three-year anniversary at eimagine as a developer in charge of development, installation, and general maintenance of several support contracts. Not to be siloed, he also plays an active part in other ongoing development projects at eimagine including website updates and mobile app development.

Ryan’s favorite part of eimagine is the small, close-knit atmosphere that feels like a second home to him. He enjoys each day in the office and it never feels as though he’s generally working remotely at a client site 70% of the time. Ryan appreciates the employee focus that eimagine has and is able to foster relationships with his colleagues at company-sponsored events. Knowing that he’s working for a company that conducts constant pulse checks on work/life balance, encourages professional development, and offers ongoing support with goal setting really makes each day at work a gift.

Ryan has been even more involved with his community because of the outreach and volunteer work that eimagine facilitates. When he’s not working or volunteering, Ryan enjoys working on his own personal development projects, creating fun apps, and spending time with his two young daughters.


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