There’s a clear trend emerging for the next expected releases of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you’re interested in keeping up on the latest trends and rumors, this is the place to be… I’ve always got more rumors to spread about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM roadmap!

Looks like Microsoft is continuing their transition to twice-yearly releases, with periodic 12 week service updates scheduled between them. It’s widely expected that Microsoft will continue to blaze the way starting with CRM Online (their cloud-based offering) and filter the releases down to on-premises deployments, perhaps delayed one release or through subsequent service updates. This should be no surprise to those who have been keeping up since December’s release, codenamed Polaris. The near future, in a three word summary, is: Mobile, mobile, mobile!! (And it’s about time!)

Here are some more specifics of what’s being discussed on the whisper:

When? October 2013
Codename: Orion

Orion is expected to expand the on-premises offering to include basic tablet support on the iPad and Windows 8 tablets. This will likely add the same functionality currently available on CRM Online only, which means basic sales and account management. It includes the new flat design and Flow UI layout option with basic customization for limited entities related to sales force automation.

When? Q1 or Q2 2014
Codename: Mira

The Mira release is rumored to extend the mobile experience to iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones, as well as Android tablet support (maybe?). The other big rumor is service functionality will be added to the mobility side. That means features like knowledge base, ticketing, queues and other customer support management might be coming to mobile devices with a new Flow UI layout. Customization for the Flow UI pieces should also be getting an advanced makeover so there’s more configurable control on both the sales side and service side.

When? Q3 or Q4 2014  
Codename: Leo

For Leo, marketing functionalities should be joining sales and service in the mobile arena. This means Flow UI for marketing lists, email blasts, campaigns and other marketing features. The expectation for this release is that the marketing functionality will get a big shot in the arm, based on Microsoft’s acquisition of MarketingPilot. As the mobile offering is rounded out, expect offline support to become available as well as some device management capabilities. Or maybe that won’t be ready until the next release…

When? Sometime 2015
Codename: Vega

Your guess is as good as mine! I expect anything that didn’t make it in the previous releases will catch up here. Vega is probably the second most important star in our system other than the Sun, so perhaps it’s big enough to dominate both the 2015 releases (or that’s my excuse for not knowing any more confirmed codenames). It’s a part of the Lyra constellation, and if you remember your Greek mythology the stories have to do with Orpheus the musician. So, I expect it will also add musical integration and support, perhaps limited to harps only. Just kidding, don’t take that last part seriously. :)

Weigh in with your own rumors! What have you heard?

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