I had the opportunity to attend the Revenue North Business Growth Conference, and enjoyed learning from Indianapolis’ top business professionals and leaders. I also got my first chance to “livetweet” an event, and become a part of the social media conversation on the summit.

The conference had a fantastic range of speakers, and with eight seminars all day, I got to hear speakers on topics including social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, copywriting and website design. I had the chance to hear about different aspects of business and marketing that I don’t usually interact with, such as pay-per-click advertising and the cost of acquiring customers. It was a helpful combination of topics to help me get better at what I do now, and learn more about what I can do in the future to create better marketing and help improve overall business practices.

This was my first time attending an event with a dedicated hashtag on Twitter. Attendees, including myself, took the opportunity to append the hashtag to all of our tweets about the event, allowing us to have a live conversation over social media during the event. This event’s hashtag was #revenuenorth, and by searching Twitter for #revenuenorth, I could find live updates on the different seminars. I was scrolling through the list of tweets with the hashtag in them during a great presentation on copywriting by Ryan Brock of Metonymy Media when I paused at a photo someone had posted from the presentation just a moment ago – I spotted myself in the front row! Seeing this made me realize just how easily social media allows us to communicate in real time. The hashtag gave us all a way to centralize our conversations on the conference, and later, a great reference to look up information from the day.

If the Revenue North Business Growth Summit returns to Indianapolis, I’d highly recommend attending. This is a great way to learn from some of the best business leaders in the area. And don’t forget to join the conversation using a hashtag!

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