PowerWebForm is a great Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on, and if you are not already using it, you might want to give it a try.

With PowerWebForm, Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can build web forms directly within their CRM system. Users can also post their web forms onto web pages anywhere they want and gather data from the web form submissions directly into CRM.

When a customer fills out the form, the information is instantly available from your CRM system so you can follow up any leads instantly. You can then organize it into a lead, a contact or a custom entity.

Creating a PowerWebForm saves you time and energy importing or exporting lists from other databases to add into your CRM system.

Here are some of PowerWebForm’s features:

    • You can customize the web form to suit your business needs and your website design.
    • Block spam submissions by turning captcha on or off.
    • Users have the ability to redirect visitors automatically or manually after they have filled out the web form.
    • When a form is submitted, you can automatically populate CRM fields.
    • Choose to receive automatic notifications whenever a a visitor has submitted a form.
    • Send out an auto response to the visitor once the form is submitted using PowerWebForm together with CRM workflows.
    • PowerWebForm can be set up to detect duplicate submissions.
    • Customize the text on the form to suit you and your customer needs with foreign language supported.

If you want to try out PowerWebForm, there is a free 30 day trial available. Click here for instructions on how to get started: http://www.powerobjects.com/add-on-subscriptions/powerpack/powerwebform/.

Mobile PowerWebForm for your sales team

PowerWebForm can also help you collect lead information from a mobile device too, such as an iPhone, Windows Phone or Android device. This is a great benefit to any sales team out on the road, as they can quickly and easily add and enter any information into your CRM system while out of the office.

To access leads directly from your mobile device and capture into Dynamics CRM, you will need an on-premises or online CRM with ADFS or a partner-hosted CRM for PowerWebForm.

After you have either purchased and added the PowerWebForm add-on or signed up for your 30 day trial, you will first need to build a form.

Once you have created a simple lead generation form (below), it is a good idea to test that all leads are feeding through to your CRM.

Simple lead gen form

Next, click on Preview & Deploy at the top of the ribbon in the web form record.

Click Copy URL.

click copy URL

Create an email, paste the URL into the message body and send to all employees who will be entering leads into your CRM via mobile devices.

After this, the sales team will need to create a shortcut on their device for this URL and easily be able to click the shortcut to display a form to fill out. This form will submit leads directly to your CRM system.

This makes mobile working easier and more efficient for your whole sales team.

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