There are a wide range of Microsoft Utilities on the market. Outlook utilities such as Simply File, EZ Detach, ShareO and Message Save make it easier for a person to open, send, and share incoming and outgoing email messages. Active Desktop Calendar is a helpful program that helps a busy person keep track of important appointments and deadlines. Security utilities such as Netcat, Network Mapper and John the Ripper are also very useful, as are Microsoft Excel Utilities such as ASAP Utilities.

These are just a small sampling of the hundreds of Microsoft Utilities available on the market. However, most businessmen and women do not need to download multiple utilities in order to get their work done faster, better and more easily. Following are some pointers to consider when choosing which utilities to install on a computer.

Ease of Use: Some utilities are easier to use than others. A businessperson who is not particularly computer savvy will want to stick to using utilities that are user-friendly. This same point applies to company executives who are choosing utilities for company employees to use.

Space: Some utilities take up quite a bit of space on the hard drive. Such utilities will cause computers to run slower, potentially causing company employees to spend even more time at a task than they would have needed to otherwise. Always check the size of the utility before installing it.

Compatibility: It is very important to make sure that a particular utility is compatible with the version of Windows being used. An individual will also want to make sure that the utility is also compatible with other programs already installed on the computer, as some programs clash with each other and cause seemingly unrelated yet very frustrating problems.

Need: Need is perhaps one of the most important points to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a particular utility. If the utility is not really needed, then it is often best to forgo it. On the other hand, a utility that fills a real need and would truly help a company move forward should be purchased regardless of price.

Microsoft, along with various third party software providers, has created numerous useful utilities that can perform a wide range of functions. However, many of these utilities cost money and some are more useful and effective than others. A company owner who is choosing Microsoft Utilities for personal or company use should consider the options carefully and research a program in-depth before installing it. Doing so will enable the company to take advantage of useful programs without getting bogged down by ones that are less than effective.


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