We’re proud to share our values that drive eimagine’s success. In a new series of video blogs, we will detail individual sections of our core values, and the reasons why we believe these ideas are what help us to be successful.

IC3 Summary

Our IC3

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo through continuous improvement.  We measure our improvement starting with the individual and moving to our company, our customers, and our community – or our IC3.  We deliver on our improvement through custom software, typically with mobile, CRM or SharePoint.

Choosing to work toward bettering any one section of our IC3 allows each of the other sections to grow in turn. For example, improvement for the individual travels through to make a stronger company, which then can deliver a better solution to a customer. Strong companies and customers make for a thriving community.

How can we help you improve?

Click here for our IC3 values in a shareable video!

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