In my opinion, an IT company like ours is nothing without its people and operations.  In the last 13 years, we have strived to hire and develop the very best IT professionals on the market.  As we grew from a few individuals in a one office shop to a multi-state organization, we’ve never lost sight of this concept.

To date, I believe we have the best team we’ve ever had in the company’s history.  We’ve learned from past mistakes and are planning with great energy, ideas and enthusiasm for the coming years.  The professional growth that I have gained in my 5 year tenure with eimagine has been profound.  Not just from a technical standpoint – I’ll admit this self-professed technology novice has come a long way :) .  I have gained insight on effective leadership, project management and solution delivery.  I am challenged in my position and enjoy the daily learning that occurs in our industry.  The future at eimagine is exciting and I look forward to our continued tenacity in achieving the company’s goals.

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