Emails…Great way to communicate…Great way to get buried by them.

My preteen kids laugh when they looked at the unread email icon on my work iPhone and saw that I have thousands of unread emails. Yes, not hundreds but thousands. Now you may say…how can this be? Do you not read your emails? Don’t your infrastructure folks have to continually increase your mailbox size? Bottom line: All yes and guilty as charged.

Now, I will say most or all of these unread emails are not priority (advertisements, accept or decline invites, etc.) but nevertheless they are some priority unread emails that fill my mailbox. You may say, just delete them. True but I really do want to keep some of them. I just need to file or organize them in some fashion.

I Googled and found a simple solution: EmailTags. Note: Outlook 2013 already supports categories; I just found it easier to use EmailTags.

EmailTags is an Outlook AddIn that you install on your local machine. You simply tag your emails with one or more tags. The preferred method is to use one archive file along with your tags. What about my file folders? Good question…keep reading…

Similar to how we use SharePoint at eimagine…keep a flat structure, but build dynamic views; I do the same with my Outlook [We, eimagine, currently use Exchange 2013] so I can get the benefit of folders without using folders. This will take some time in getting used to but the benefit is tremendous. Often, I have emails that really belong in two or more folders. I might want to file under a certain client and then a particular technology. This is hard to do with file folders but very easy with EmailTags. In that example, the email can be viewed by client or technology by selecting one or both tags as filters. You can achieve the ‘look and feel’ of folders by using the tags as categories. How cool is that?

Example of EmailTags displaying suggested tags along with ability to ‘Show All Tags’.

One tip…if you use MS Dynamics CRM within Outlook…make sure you ‘Track’ and ‘Set Regarding’ prior to you tagging your emails. Otherwise, you cannot perform these CRM functions once the emails are tagged and archived.

I am not affiliated with EmailTags but they do have a free 14 day trial with possibility of purchase around $40.00 USD.

You can find more information about EmailTags at:

Happy Tagging in 2014!

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