Since the break room at the office is a shared space, things can get a little out of hand at times, but for the most part coworkers do their best to keep it in tip-top shape. Similar to having roommates and sharing a kitchen, there are a few things that definitely irritate others when things are done or not done while in the break room.

I have put together a list of things that seem to be the top 10 office break room pet peeves at our office.

  1. Leaving your kcup in the Keurig coffee machine. Ever go to make yourself a cup off coffee, only to find that you have to throw away the previous coffee maker’s kcup before starting your own?
  2. Food splatters in the microwave. This is a big one, because like your Mom always used to say, if you make a mess clean it up! Well, this doesn’t always happen. Also, this could be avoided altogether by just covering your food so that it doesn’t splatter.
  3. Using up the last item. When something is getting close to being used up or is completely out, such as kcups, soda, snacks, paper towels, or tissues, it is important to make sure the office administrator knows, so that he/she can purchase more so that we don’t run out.
  4. Replacing soda in the fridge. We are fortunate enough to have soda and snacks provided for us. However, when the soda stock in the fridge gets low, we need to make sure to restock it, so the next person will have a cold soda to drink.
  5. Throwing away expired food. How many times do you go out to eat for lunch and leave you leftovers in the fridge or bring lunch that never gets eaten. Don’t make others have to decide it is time to throw out your food. If it is expired or no longer edible… throw it out!
  6. Microwave smells. Nothing is worse than the smell of burnt popcorn or reheated fish in the microwave.
  7. Replacing the water jug of the water cooler. If you drink the last drop of water from the water cooler, replace the empty water jug with a full one. It also seems like sometimes people leave just enough water that it is not “empty” to avoid having to do this chore.
  8. Cleaning up spills or messes. If you spill something or make a mess… clean it up!
  9. Leaving dishes in the sink. If you use your own dishes that need to be washed, try not to leave them in the sink, because they may be in other people’s way.
  10. Put the chip clip on the snack bag. Again… we are fortunate to have snacks provided for us at the office. When you open a bag of chips or other snacks, make sure that the bag is rolled up and a chip clip placed to keep them from going stale.

What other pet peeves can you think of that happen at your office? Feel free to comment below to share your experience!

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