Recently a new and improved version of Windows Phone App for Desktop became available for Windows Phone 8 devices. Window Phone Desktop App allows owners of Windows Phone 8 to manage and sync all of their photos, music, movies and other content with their Windows PC.

This new version of Windows Phone Desktop App supports Windows 7 and Windows 8. One big improvement is that users can now sync any podcast stored on their PC regardless if it has come from a user’s iTunes library or not.

These improvements include:

  1. Extended Podcast Support: In the preview version Windows Phone Desktop App provided support for iTunes podcasts only, but now users can enjoy this support from podcasts have been accessed from outside iTunes. As long as your podcasts are saved in a folder your phone can automatically be synced to them.
  2. Easy Updates: Previously a user could only find out about and install updates from Now updates are made easy, as Windows Phone Desktop App will inform you when any improvements/updates are available allowing you just one simple click to install.
  3. Flexible syncing: Users can now sync files from folders or libraries from not only your PC but from an external hard drive too.
  4. Bug Fixes: Many bugs reported from preview users are now fixed, making it much more stable and responsive with overall better performance.

With Windows Phone Desktop App you can automatically export your pictures and videos from your phone to your PC. This is a great tool to help make sure you never run out of space on your Windows Phone. I’m sure we will be seeing further improvements in the near future as well.

Download Windows Phone App for desktop here. If you are still unsure of the best way to manage and sync your files from your Windows Phone 7 or 8, Online Wizard can help find the best solution for you.

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