eimagine is proud to partner with business software company GreenRope to create a plugin that allows you to sync your Microsoft Dynamics CRM contact information with your GreenRope contacts! This plugin simplifies the management of your marketing contacts across platforms, keeping your contact lists consistently up to date in both services without any effort on your part.

The plugin works seamlessly in the background. When you create a contact that includes an email address in your Dynamics CRM installation, the plugin automatically syncs this contact to a GreenRope Group that you’ll specify when you set up the plugin. Updating that contact will again trigger a real-time sync, so the next time you log in to GreenRope, your contacts will be waiting for you.


The plugin also offers a batch upload of contacts into GreenRope from Dynamics CRM, if you’ve got a lot to get entered at once. The batch upload does the same thing as the process for the individual contacts, and once the contacts are in the system, they’re synced in real time as well. Keeping your contacts up to date doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, confusing process anymore!

Having consistent information across platforms lets you harness the power of each CRM solution congruently, and combines the power of GreenRope’s sales and marketing engine with your in-house customer database in Dynamics CRM. For example, having your Dynamics CRM contacts’ email addresses in a GreenRope group allows you to seamlessly integrate with GreenRope’s powerful email marketing tools including thousands of templates and intuitive statistics gathering.

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Visit this page for more information on installing and using the GreenRope Dynamics CRM Plugin!

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