Apple has recently unveiled iOS 7 with CEO Tim Cook describing it as, “The biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.”

Here’s some of what you can expect from iOS 7:

Apps –App icons now have a more digital, modern design with a cleaner, larger appearance.

Unlock – Unlocking your iPhone has become easier with users now able to swipe any part of the lock screen to reveal the passcode screen rather than pushing a slider to unlock.

Skeuomorphic design – This is now gone and replaced instead with dynamic wallpapers that move as you move your phone with the icons remaining static. There is an option to turn this feature off for those concerned about battery life.

Signal bar – The signal strength bar now features dots instead of bars

New Control Center – Previously iOS users had to navigate to the Settings app to access common settings to make adjustments, however in iOS 7, there is no need to go to the Settings app to make these simple changes.

iOS 7 also brings a new Control Center where you can simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal some of the most frequently used settings such as; Wi-Fi, Flight mode, Bluetooth, playback controls, calculator, camera, brightness, flashlight, clock.


Switch between Apps – In iOS 7 users can now double press the home button to activate a new screen where you can view and scroll through thumbnails of apps you currently have open which makes switching between apps and multi-tasking much easier.

Notification Center – This area has been improved by allowing you to view specific notifications in separate tabs instead of having one large area containing all notifications. The tabs are broken up into Today, All and Missed which is clearer and helps to keep you organized.

Weather App – This app now appears full screen rather than in a small window as previously viewed and features an animated background showing the current weather condition.

AirDrop – This is a new way to transfer files between iOS devices using Wi-Fi. You can access Airdrop through the Control Center and simply tap the AirDrop icon and choose your iOS contact to share what you are currently viewing on your phone.

App Store – Updates are now automatic so you don’t have to remember to do it manually.

Camera – Users can now be more creative with their photographs as the Camera app now has a range of filters that can be applied and a new square mode for taking square format photographs.

Photo Storage – This area has been improved with the ability to browse your photographs by date and even location. With this filtering system locating your photos is a lot easier rather than the previously scrolling through a long list of your photos to find the ones you want.

iTunes Radio – Provides users with free music streaming from the internet. It is also ad-free for iTunes Match subscribers.

Mail and Messages – This area has also had a makeover with a much cleaner interface, although we are yet to see more news regarding this area.

The beta version for developers is currently available and the finished version is expected to be released this Fall.

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