My Site is a place where you can create personal sites that allow you and your employees to share documents, contacts and profiles. My site connects each individual in your organization to make communication quick and easy, with the option to share as much or as little information as desired.

With My Site you can:

  • Follow people, documents and sites
  • Create easy to use profile interfaces
  • Use of tabs for easy navigation
  • Share your content and customize sharing tools to lock posts on your profile
  • Easily view shared documents, conversations and sites
  • Sync with SkyDrive Pro
  • Assign Tasks
  • Create blogs
  • Add Apps

My Site Interface

My Site’s interface has changed since SharePoint 2010, looking more like Facebook and LinkedIn.

It now includes a Newsfeed, About Me, Blog, Apps and a Task Menu. It also displays your activity in the main feed, which is very similar to Facebook’s layout.

One extremely useful feature in My Site is the ability to search conversations  in the newsfeed. Having this record of past conversations is a great tool, if you have missed any updates or progress regarding a team project.

Follow Tool

Another great feature is the Follow tool. For example, when you follow a site, you will get all of that site’s latest news. You can also follow people, documents and tags. When you follow a document, you will be informed if any changes occur. You can view your Follow list at any point, (located on the right side of you’re my Site landing page) and can access your ‘I’m Following’ list.

Assign Tasks

The ability to assign Tasks is another useful feature, allowing you to create tasks with deadlines or create and assign tasks to others. By clicking on ‘Important and Upcoming’ you can view all of your pending tasks in a clear calendar view.

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