In Microsoft Exchange 2013, a new feature has been introduced to help with accessing Microsoft SharePoint 2013 documents and Exchange email. Now it’s all in one place.

Being able to use the same client interface with shared storage will improve employee productivity and the user experience.  To enable Site Mailboxes you will need to configure and integrate Exchange 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013.

So how exactly do Mailboxes work?

Let’s say you have a project with several employees and clients involved, using the site Mailboxes, all project members can access the content easily and quickly through Outlook 2013. You can also access the same documents and content directly through the SharePoint site itself.

Email and documents appear in a familiar format,  in the users own mailboxes, streamlining it for members to collaborate on projects together. Having a team email set up through the site mailboxes enables users to share files, email messages and calendars for team events. A site Mailbox is a great way to file all of your project data in one easy accessible place for all project members.

Through SharePoint you can also manage site mailboxes by creating and removing site mailboxes and controlling its lifecycle by creating a SharePoint lifecycle policy.

Features of project sites also include:

  • Project Summary Web Part
  • Project task schedule
  • Library to store relevant project documents
  • Visual timeline of the project’s tasks
  • Shared calendar for team events
  • Ability to connect to the Project Server 2013 client application
  • Notebook for quick insight and organization of information about your project

Using Microsoft SharePoint Mailboxes will help to keep your team projects organized in one easy accessible area, all while keeping everyone in the loop and encouraging team project communication.

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