Microsoft SharePoint Online for Office 365 is great for small and medium sized businesses to share information and connect with each other. SharePoint is by far one of the best team collaboration tools on the market.

SharePoint Online has 2 main sites: one primarily for in-house communication and collaboration referred to as the ‘Team site’ and another for where you can build your website, with great website design tools.

The ‘Team site’ allows your employees to share documents, store data files, and post announcements. This shared information could be things such as meeting announcements or space for social interaction for employees to interact when planning events or organizing projects.

The Website area has all the tools and components you will need to start designing your website, including tools to edit, delete and create pages. It gives you full control over the level of access you grant your employees to these editing tools, giving them permission to certain functions or adding them as a designer. Within this Website area there is a library where you can store your web images, files and documents and control how these are viewed. SharePoint is a great tool for businesses looking to share, interact and build their organization. In addition, SharePoint gives a company the design tools to create a great web presence.

To learn more about the basic tasks of Microsoft SharePoint Online for Office 365 – Microsoft has created a helpful introduction page for newbies here.

SharePoint Online is easy to use and easily accessible on the go using the SharePoint mobile apps available on a variety of mobile devices.

SharePoint Online is the perfect option for small to medium sized businesses – as SharePoint Online is hosted in Microsoft’s “cloud”, which rules out the need to purchase extra hardware and manage your own infrastructure.


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