As more and more new devices are entering the workplace each year, it is now common to find yourself and your employees managing business affairs from a smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. Microsoft has enabled SharePoint Server 2013 to be optimized for easy readability on a variety of mobile devices.

Before there was only one mobile device view. Now users can customize settings to fit their individual needs depending on the device. For example, your content with the new ‘Device Channels’ can now be styled and designed with each page layout adapting to the needs of your specific device.  Users can now choose from:

Contemporary View – renders in HTML 5, supports a number of current smartphones on the market.

Classic View – Same as the 2010 version, rendering HTML,WML, CHTML allows compatibility for mobile browsers unable to render in the new contemporary view.

Full Screen UI – users can view a full-screen UI on a smartphone browser.

With push notifications enabled, you can now receive important notifications from your mobile device, such as any up-dates or changes made to lists or data added. You can have access to Microsoft Push Notification Service providing you with updated notifications straight to your smartphone or tablet by enabling push notifications on the site and registering your device with a SharePoint site

Currently, push notifications are not available for iOS devices. Additionally, there is a registration limit for devices capping at 2,000. You can also clear redundant registrations to make room for new ones, learn how by following this link:

Other new features include a new geo-location field, where you can display latitude and longitude coordinates through Bing Maps. There is also access for [some] mobile devices to view business intelligence content, including reports from SQL Reporting Service, Excel Services and PerformancePoint Web Parts. Additional functions have been created for viewing Word, PowerPoint and Excel this combination use with Office Web Apps Server Preview enables users to view a server based version saving on downloading time.

These new features of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 are a much welcomed improvement from previous versions. These updates will greatly benefit businesses as we move further into a future dominated by mobile device use.


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