I recently took my first Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam in PowerPoint 2010. Here at eimagine, continuing education is very important for every member of our staff; everyone has something to learn. I am in an administrative role here, and use Office extensively. I started with PowerPoint because it was one of the Office programs I found overwhelming and difficult to use quickly, and I knew I was overlooking some of the features it offered.

After studying for and passing my certification exam, there are some aspects of PowerPoint that I find I will use regularly. It was definitely worth my time to go through the certification process, it will help me use PowerPoint more efficiently and spend less time putting together a quality slideshow.

File Options

Learning about all of the different options to save and send a PowerPoint file will come in handy, no matter what your end purpose of the presentation is. You can export it into many types of files, even Windows Media Files, and you might end up finding a use that is better suited for your final product.

Photo Albums

There have been a few occasions where I wished I’d have known about this feature sooner! It comes in handy when you’ve got to create a quick presentation to run in the background of an event, or to just provide a little bit of interest in a conference room.

Smart Art

For quick charts and graphs, this is the way to go. You can adjust the colors and sizes of every shape, and make a professional-looking graph with minimal effort. There are enough options for Smart Art that you’re sure to find the exact one you need.


It’s not just about the star wipe anymore. PowerPoint 2010’s animation options give you plenty of ways to keep the attention of your audience without making your slides obnoxious.

Presentation Delivery

The ability to mark a presentation as final and set a password on it could be very helpful to ensure that no accidental changes are made to a finalized version.

I’m glad I took the time to become a certified Microsoft Office Specialist in PowerPoint 2010, and am looking forward to continuing my education! I highly recommend the Office certification path, it’s great to learn something new that will help you save time and work smarter!

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