The long awaited arrival of Microsoft Office for the iPhone has finally been released! This new app is now available for download from the App Store but is currently only available for iPhone devices where users have an Office 365 subscription. When you download the app you will have an option when opening to either buy an Office 365 subscription or sign in.

There is support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents where creating or editing documents is quick and easy to do. Document layouts remain the same and are optimized for iPhone use.


The editing controls are simple to use with the ability to undo any changes within the document. To highlight text simply double tap on words to get the familiar highlighting controls to enable you to edit. Word and Excel have a range of editing options for iPhone users, which is useful when you are out and need to make quick corrections.


Another handy feature of Microsoft Office Mobile, is if you have been working on a document, the next time you go to open it, your document will resume at the same place where you left off whether on your iPhone, tablet or PC.

You can edit documents offline and any edits made will be synced and updated the next time you connect to the network or Wi-Fi. These real time up-dates are speedy and are synced across Office Web Apps and your desktop Office version. All document edits will be saved in Microsoft’s SkyDrive online cloud storage service, which is easily accessible through Office Web Apps and Office 2013 desktop.

Microsoft Office Mobile is compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation, all requiring iOS 6.1 operating system or later. If you are already an iPhone user and have a subscription to Office 365, then downloading Office Mobile is simple.

Download here.

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